Our Story

Rad cards for good humans.

Hello fellow earthlings! We're Andrea & Jeff, creators of Greetings, Earthling! where we design and make cards for all humans. Lovers of travel, each other, food, cocktails, music and life in general!

We started making cards after years of having an amazing card section in our own brick & mortar and falling in absolute love with the category. Seeing people come in and go to the card wall, looking over the cards and laughing or pointing out cards to their friends or loved ones and saying "This is so you" or "This is perfect for...", that quickly became the favourite part of our days in the store and soon enough we knew we wanted to be creating our own cards as well.

We are both super design-minded and while we're really cohesive and on the same page in a lot of design ways, we also have our own styles and ideas. So you'll find two different brands under the Greetings, Earthling Umbrella. Queue: The Line which is my (Andrea's) line... a little more feminine and playful, sometimes a little sweary, always a lot stylish. Cursive is Jeff's line and it's bold, smart & snappy, with a wicked sense of humour... just like him!

And believe it or not, we do more! Check out our sister brands Charleston & Harlow Candle Co, and Tszuj Beverage Co.

Designed & printed in Saskatoon, SK Canada. We stay warm in the winters by drinking rum & thinking of fun new things to create!